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Welcome to Amagoa

AMAGOA, the Aboriginal and Modern Art Gallery of Australia, is based on Melbourne, and shows a diverse collection of artwork from the Central and Western Desert regions. There are four inner city public and private gallery and stockroom locations across Melbourne displaying the AMAGOA collection during June. AMAGOA also conducts Australia's largest touring art exhibition of Modern and Aboriginal Art, with one of Australia's largest collections of Aboriginal Art to choose from!

Call to find out where this artwork is available this week on 9826 3900 or 9867 2077.

RIGHT NOW, call us on (03) 9867 2077 to drop in for our $150 TO $999 SALE! (OVER 100 QUALITY ABORIGINAL ART PAINTINGS WITH NOTHING OVER $999!) But this SALE is ONLY at AMAGOA TERRACE GALLERY at 893-915 Punt Road, South Yarra (Directly opposite Gordon Grove).   
Open throughout July - please call 9867 2077 for opening times.
If you wish to drop in on any other days either check the website here for opening times - or call us on 9867 2077 to let us know your preferred time to see us in South Yarra.

VISIT ONE OF OUR  TOURING ART SHOWS. View some amazing artwork at very affordable prices.


Visit the private gallery anytime during the year in SOUTH YARRA - by appointment anytime.  TERRACE GALLERY at 893-915 Punt Road, South Yarra (Directly opposite Gordon Grove).

Larger artworks can be arranged to be viewed at the Warehouse stockroom for clients requesting corporate artwork viewings.

   Open all days by appointment, as there are often small private wedding ceremonies and events in the gallery.

   Please call us on (03) 9826 3900 or 9867 2077 to arrange a suitable time to drop in.

Special FACEBOOK Gift Voucher offer to all AMAGOA family and friends! If you *LIKE* us on Facebook - you will receive a free $100 Gift Voucher which you can use against any purchase of $300 or more! Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know your user name and postal address then we will cross reference the details and send a Gift Voucher out to you - or you can pick yours up when you visit our show this weekend!

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