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Bambatu Napangardi
Bambatu Napangardi 002

This painting depicts the journeys taken by Bambatu’s ancestors. Here she pays homage to the waterholes and paths taken by the Pintupi women. In the centre of this intricate and well-structured painting is the waterhole and ceremonial site, with the crossed pathways of dotted lines helping to tell the many travelling stories of Bambatu’s ancestors.

Ancestors would traditionally stop at each sacred site to create songs and dance about their experiences there. These stories would then be recalled to following generations. With the emergence of of the Aboriginal art movement, they are told through beautiful renditions via artists like Bambatu, which can be individually interpreted and passed on for hundreds of years.

  • Title
    Kungka Tjukurrpa
  • Artist
    Bambatu Napangardi
  • Size
    Coming Soon
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