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Charlie Tjapangati
Charlie Tjapangati 001

This painting represents an aspect of the Tingari creation event. The cycle incorporates the sacred sites visited along the way by ancestral spirits and also refers to the song cycles, which describe and connect the artist to this journey. The Tingari cycle refers to ‘Secret Mens Business’ and is important in a young man’s journey from boyhood to manhood. The Tingari Men were usually followed by Tingari Women and accompanied by novices, and their travels and adventures are enshrined in a number of song cycles.

The journey through the land in the central and western desert areas by the Dreamtime Tingari depicts particular sites and teachings of Aboriginal law. Although there is a lot of information on Tingari, the stories and the sites still remain protected and secret.

  • Title
    Tingari Cycle Dreaming
  • Artist
    Charlie Tjapangati
  • Size
    Coming Soon
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