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Doreen Nakamarra Dickson
Doreen Dickson 001

The Utopia region is abundant with grass varieties. Due to the grazing of cattle and rabbits the grass is not as plentiful and the seeds are harder to collect.

One such type is found in the spinifex, sand plains, and sandhills. A seed is produced that is collected, crushed and made into a paste to produce a consumable bread. This seed is high in protein and carbohydrates. Due to the seeds ripening at different stages, many would fall to the ground and be covered by sand and lost from view. The women gather the seeds and prepare the seeds for damper bread making.

The artist has included the intricate designs representing the root systems of the plants that produce the seeds. Spinifex grass and Wattle Seeds were a common provider of these seeds, the seeds would then be winnowed using a coolamon (often made from the bean tree) and ground before mixing the flour with water to make the bread dough.

  • Title
    Damper Seed Dreaming
  • Artist
    Doreen Dickson Nakamarra
  • Size
    Coming Soon
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